This type of excavation utilizes high-pressure water to break up the soil along with a high-powered vacuum that removes chunks of soil, gravel, and other debris from the hole or trench. It's a safer way to dig because it reduces the risk of damage to underground facilities. We have experienced hydro-excavation crews ready to put this technology to work for you. Check it out in the videos below, and contact us to learn more.

Hydro-excavation is the latest in the industry.


Hydro-excavation is ideal for petroleum pipelines, natural gas pipelines, fiber optics, utilities (water lines, electric lines, gas lines), and more.

  • Location & excavation of underground infrastructure for maintenance, repair, or replacement

  • Excavation for installation of lines

  • Exposure of live lines

  • Daylighting/pot-holing

  • Slot-trenching

  • Keyholing

  • Large-volume excavation

  • Emergency response & spill cleanup

  • Pit cleaning

  • Sign, pole, or post installation


That's why we conduct pre-job meetings, daily tailgate meetings, and monthly safety meetings, to keep our crews focused on safety. We maintain a strict drug and alcohol policy here, and conduct annual as well as random drug tests on all field employees. Our hydro-excavation crews are OQ-tested by our NCCER-accredited trainers, and their training includes OSHA 30 and Ground Disturbance. If your work requires additional training or orientation, just let us know. We want you to know that your project is in good hands.